RAN Eternalz Online EP6 Season2.3 w/ Advance Features!

RAN Eternalz Online EP6 Season2 w/ Advance Features!
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 Server ONLINE!

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PostSubject: Server ONLINE!   Fri Apr 29, 2011 3:08 pm

Hello EZ Gamers,


Due to the last hacked issue, all Characters has been deleted items, skills & etc2x. We've decided to restore our Database Backup last April 18, 2011.

We will give a consideration for all the existing Accounts and new Accounts.
-All existing Accounts & new Accounts will be having a +35 Reborn/Rebirth automatically +5,000 Stats (5k).
-If you have a new account just create a character then logoff then login again.

We also implemented the automatic Back Up for Database every 1 Hour.

We won't goin to WIPE OUT!.

Expect a Strong Server from us..

Sorry for the interruptions.

Hoping for other Loyal EZ Gamers to keep supporting our Server.

Best Regards,
Fyrestorm - Administrator -
Heatwyve - Administrator -
Frostbyte - Administrator -
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Server ONLINE!
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