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 [Detention Hall] Rules and Regulations (In posting)

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PostSubject: [Detention Hall] Rules and Regulations (In posting)   Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:44 am

Please Read this first before proceeding in posting any players or malicious/bad doings in game..

Rules to Follow:
1.) Please post with Clear ScreenShots.. labeling the In Game Name of the complainant and the suspect
2.) List all the complete details of the story.. Regarding Place, Date, Time and Map
3.) No Bad mouths.. (Especially for the Complainant)
4.) Respect all Viewers of your Topic.. Because they are the ones who will help you
5.) Warn all players in game not just only here.. (with evidence)
6.) Always have patience for any replies
7.) Goodluck and be Carefull bounce
8.) Review 1-7

This rules is strictly applied to this section.. please treat this as a notice and not a warning lol!

Sincerly: Choi Choi
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[Detention Hall] Rules and Regulations (In posting)
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