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 Internet Explorer "Internet Connection Error"

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PostSubject: Internet Explorer "Internet Connection Error"   Tue Apr 12, 2011 8:00 pm

are you pissed trying 2 refresh your internet explorer?? but still its pretty presistant to dont connect??? well worry no more cuz choi choi has the tips and tricks to finally fix that problem

Read my instructions based below:

1.) Open yor internet explorer (ordinary) and as you can see..its still in its problem
2.) Click tools
3.) After clicking tools you will see an (INTERNET OPTIONS) click that..
4.) Click the CONNECTION TAB
5.) Click lan settings
6.) And uncheck all of the box...
7.) Click OK and go to the GENERAL TAB
8.) Change the HOMEPAGE to www.google.com.ph
9.) Then after all of this .. press OK then click REFRESH
10.) And the last Enjoy urselves

this is only advised for those people who is expiriencing ERROR on their internet explorer..any internet connection problem is no good

Again for any questions:
feel freely to leave any comments

And for more clear results click this link

well Gudluck and Happy gaming

Ran EZ
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Internet Explorer "Internet Connection Error"
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